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Pontiac Grand Prix 1963 Real American Classic

Price: £10,000.00

Pontiac Grand Prix 1963 Real American Classic

Technical details

Seller notes:“Turn the key and hit the road condition”
Model:Grand Prix
Modified Item:Yes
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Previously Registered Overseas:Yes
In-Car Audio:AM/FM Stereo
Reg. Date:19630113
Service History Available:Yes
Exterior:Alloy Wheels
V5 Registration Document:Present
Independent Vehicle Inspection:Yes
Engine Size:5.7
Previous owners (excl. current):3
Body Type:Coupe
Drivetrain:2 WD
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Public info

Car location:Feltham, United Kingdom
Last update:6.01.2022

Additional Info

Hi Guys ill explain in details the origin of the car the situation and all work done to it , so Please take your time and Carefully Read the Add and feel free to ask me any questions in case you have any left after :) Much Appreciated :)
Bought it 8 months ago as its always been just a dream to have a Pontiac like this and i could not resist it when i first saw it. We have to follow our dreams and turn them into reality ,so i did but i went a bit too far with that id say. The car is a real dream to drive ,listen to and just look at. When i got it it had quite a few problems that needed attention so slowly over the last 8 months it spent a small fortune to turn it in the car it is today. Unfortunately all the effort , money and time i was spending on it ,slowly over the time started to turn into a problem at home as my partner and i got a baby , and had plans to leave the country in the middle of 2022 .Ive been absent till late in the evenings working on it. On the other hand she saw it as major financial drain and the car just turned into a conflict and an obstacle between the 3 of us. These cars need care and love and theyre not for everybody i can say today. Problem got bigger at home ,as 5 months after the Pontiac i bought a Chevy C10 (a nightmare project) and things went 10 times worse but this cars are like an addiction. You cant stop and have just one ,or leave the one you have unless its all been done and youre satisfied . So heres the reason for the sale .I was forced to choose between my family and my cars .
Heres at last some info about the car and what ive done to it in my ownership (im the second owner of the car in the UK)
Its got a 5.7 350ci engine with a bulletproof 375 Turbo Hydramatic 3 Speed Automatic Gearbox(almost the same as TH400 for the ones who dont know )Has an Edelbrock Carb , Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold , Performer Headers and Exhaust(forgot the brand)The car had been a Californian import and absolutely rust free !!! (Thank God)For the ones who dont know its A Body which means its the biggest American car Size so storage capability has to be taken in mind (i didnt back then)
Things done by the Previous OwnerFull Body ResprayNew Edelbrock CarbPerformer ManifoldPerformer headers and exhaust systemNew carpet and headlining(Car was just prepared to grab the buyers eyes in this case me and i didnt look close enough and took my time as i got overexited and kinda spent a bag of money on a "hidden project" car which now costs me a little fortune but i enjoyed every moment and penny i spent on it )
When i got it non of the Electrics in the car were functional so it went straight to the electrician ( this was the first cold £1200 wave)Had to put 4 New Headlights , New Headlight Switch ,New Long Beam Switch ,Horn Relay, 2 Door Switches ,Heater Switch and Components and multiple New Connectors and Adaptors plus Half New Wiring and a Proper Rad Cooling Fan (temp wont move from 85 Degrees no matter what traffic youre stuck in ) , Anti Theft Power Kill Switch was added as wellOnce road legal in terms of lights and electrics i found out that steering and controlling the car was next to impossible at the time(i bought the car without driving it back then)The whole Steering Column was taken out for a refurb as all the internal Springs and Ball Joints were literary falling apart or in pieces. After all this done it turned out that the whole suspension was literary total mish mash so had to be replaced as the cars only performed less than half better compared to what it was before the steering column refurb was doneHad 2 New Shock Absorbers , 2 new Front Springs, Pitman Arm, Centre Drag Link , 4 New Tie Rods , 2 New Tie Rod Adjusters , 2 New Ball Joints , 2 New Drop Links , Top and Bottom Control Arm Bushes 8 all together. I think i paid around £850 for parts only (got all the invoices)Please Note that after Front Springs been replaced the front is Slightly more Higher than what you see on the photos as they are from the day after i bought itAt the back 2 Coil Springs are brand new made by order (had to wait for 2 months to get them created and shipped from the States) £380 for the pair2 New Rear Shock Absorbers, both been replaced with uprated Coilover version of the Socks £80 the pair fir better handling and stabilityI cant remember the rest of the Cost of all other Parts ive replaced on this car so ill just explain whats been done as rest is on Invoices and photosOnce all of the above was finally sorted of course we had to move to the engine bay and under the car (gearbox, exhaust and diff section )The Rear Main Seal Was Leaking Along with Filter Housing and Rocker Covers, the Gearbox was leaking , the Exhaust was leakingTo service the engine properly of course we had to pull it out in terms of replacing the rear main sealGot photos of almost everything if someone decides to put my words under question.So 1 New Main Seal , New Exhaust Gaskets , New Gearbox Gasket , New Rocker Cover Gaskets , New Sump Gasket Set , 2 New Engine Mounts (old ones looked like mashed potatoes), New Custom Made Gearbox Mount , New Intake Manifold Gasket (not currently replaced as its just fine) , New Carb Gasket, New Oil Filter Housing Gasket ,New Radiator , New Double Roller Performance Timing Chain, New Spark Plugs , Fresh Engine Oil, New Oil Filter , Fresh Gearbox Oil , Fresh Diff Oil , Fresh Antifreeze ,2 Front Brake Hoses NewMultiple components such as the top and bottom control arms ,bumper mounting brackets, crash support , rad support and etc have been freshly resprayed and refreshed during all of the above repairs, Every single bolt or nut or washed that came out has been cleaned before put back (all these things can be noticed) Only original GM Bolts and Nuts have been Used as replacement ones where was neededNow with all of the above repaired or replaced we move to the interior as small changes and repairs needed to be done as i did not fully like the original look or condition of some of themDashboard has been Reupholstered , 2 New Door Cards been Cut and Installed , Drivers Side Window Mechanism was Revised and Refurbed as was partly broken, All Dash , Dome and Glovebox Lights have been replaced , Both Glovebox Compartment Lock are Brand New, 2 New Wiper Blades . All the Gauges have been relocated and built in the Dash as seen on photos . B&M Mega Shifter was also installed(Neutral Safety Switch was relocated and a push button was added instead as an extra Anti Theft measurement) (shifter would need a slight adjustment) .The car had no Radio in it when i got it (not that i needed one as i love the engine sound) so i bought an Unbelievable Condition, Original one (not currently wired but installed as seen on photos) . New Trunk Seal was also installed . The Fuel Tank was replaced and relocated with a Racing one as old one was rusty inside so New Tank has an Electric Fuel Pump instead the Mechanical One. Fuel Pressure Gauge was installed in the engine bay along with New Fuel Lines . I have not revised the Heater Matrix which was not connected even when i bought the car as like the previous owner told me i would not need a heater inside as it really gets too hot and it was truth.Theres more things ive done to it and probably couple more little things that would need a tiny bit of attention but i cant remember at the top of my head atm as the description really took me quite a bit of time to compose.
Comments on the price are welcome of course but nothing too drastic or funny please :)
Ive been as honest as i could but If you guys have any questions feel free to ask
Viewing and inspections are welcome
As listed somewhere else i reserve my rights to cancel the auction at any time
Bank Transfer or Part Bank Transfer and Part Cash on Collection

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