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Ford BF XR6 Turbo 450rwkw 25psi Forged Barra 1000HP ZF Brembo Simmons Much More

Price: AU $10,400.00

Ford BF XR6 Turbo 450rwkw 25psi Forged Barra 1000HP ZF Brembo Simmons Much More
Ford BF XR6 Turbo 450rwkw 25psi Forged Barra 1000HP ZF Brembo Simmons Much MoreFord BF XR6 Turbo 450rwkw 25psi Forged Barra 1000HP ZF Brembo Simmons Much More

Technical details

Date of Manufacture:200604
Model:XR6 Turbo
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes, Back Seat Safety Belts, Driver Airbag, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Immobiliser, Passenger Airbag, Safety Belt Pretensioners
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
Options:Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, AM, FM Stereo, CD Player, Cruise Control
For Sale by:Private Seller
Engine Size (litre):4.0
:“Read the full item description before bidding”
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Public info

Car location:Wodonga, VIC, Australia
For Sale By:Private Seller
Last update:8.05.2020

Additional Info


10% payment within 24 hours of end of auction via bank deposit and balance within 7 days via bank deposit otherwise you will be considered a bogus buyer and the car may be re-listed without notice.

If you are the winning bidder and the reserve price is reached and you don't pay or complete the purchase for any reason whatsoever, an eBay unpaid-item case will be opened against you
which may result in your eBay account being restricted and you will be added to the blocked-buyer list eBay makes available to sellers.


Due to China virus and the current restrictions, for pickup probably the best way would be to send a transporter to pickup as trucks are allowed on the roads for their work, many transport companies have reasonable rates for this sort of thing.


A lot more pictures further down, you can click on each to enlarge, pics are of the build roughly in order from start-to-finish, as some pictures show build-in-progress, obviously some may show before various parts installed and a few minor issues fixed.

Meticulous 3-year ground-up rebuild by licensed qualified Ford-specialist automotive technician
Built to be a quick, reliable, safe, legal and immaculate XR6 Turbo that can be daily-driven no problem.
25psi 450rwkw custom-tuned engine and gearbox
Fully-built forged Barra, fully-built 1000+HP ZF, billet hi-flow Garrett, Brembo, Simmons, all new suspension, steering etc
Every single thing new or fully-rebuilt with new parts, no corners cut
Only genuine Ford or quality brand-name parts used, no rubbish

Have included maybe too much info but info that I would want to know if I was buying.

Near impossible to exaggerate the attention to detail paid to this build and to the quality of the build and to every single part, pretty sure my definition of no-corners-cut is way different to what most people would imagine,
have been in the trade for many years and worked in numerous workshops over the years and have built and seen many cars being built and can confidently say you will not find a car with better build-quality.
This car was built over a roughly 3-year period as time allowed but make no mistake the expertise that has gone into this build is 100% professional.
Getting a car built same like this at a workshop, parts and labour easy over 100k, no chance would there be less than a minimum 1000 hours put into this car and any workshop labour cost starts at around 100-150 per hour, do the math.

This car was not built with the intention of being the quickest street-driven XR6T out there, which is pretty unrealistic anyway as next week someone will go quicker, chasing this goal almost always ends with an unreliable highly-strung car
in which something constantly fails or needs repair etc. This car was built to be quick but also to be reliable and durable
and so to be able to jump in and drive anytime and for that to continue for many years without any major dramas.
Driven normally, it can putter around like any other car but put your foot down and everything changes.
Other than a few minor teething issues which have been sorted and which you will always get with any build of this magnitude,
everything turned out as expected.

A personal opinion here, it seems inevitable that the XR6T will be collectable given time, it certainly deserves to be, especially now that the Falcon is no more.
XR6T's reached iconic cult-car status years ago and reviewed as one of the best, if not the best, cars Ford OZ ever made,
which is a lot more than you can say about many other older so-called collectable cars.
Sure you've seen but if not look at the many other examples of cars that have reached ludicrous prices, sometimes simply due to being older. Common problem is many are rusted-out death-traps under that shiny new paint.
If you're a younger person who lusts after some of these cars yet weren't around back in the day to know the reputation they had, many were and always will be shitboxes regardless of price, you can't polish a turd.

Lastly, this car is definitely not for everyone, it would take a particular type of buyer who is looking for something like this and of this quality and who can appreciate the time, expertise and expense that has gone into it.
This car was not built with the intention of selling it, if it was many things would not have been done or not done the way they have been.



All matching numbers, original engine and gearbox, genuine XR6 Turbo not a conversion, not ex-police car.
Factory-fitted leather, premium sound, high-series brakes etc, has Ford iDesign stickers.
Can verify at Ford's website (need to register and login to view detailed vehicle info, then click on Vehicle at


Probably missed many things in below specs but nothing not done.
On cold-start pistons bit noisy until they warm up, normal for 2618 forged pistons bore clearance (2618 recommended for hi-boost).
Resprayed number of years back, paint 95%, bumpers could do with repaint stone-chips etc (rural location) and small ding on bonnet.
Drives 100% perfect, tight, fully sorted, everything works as expected, bone-dry top-to-bottom no leaks.
Driven sedately, fuel economy is comparable to stock.
Has legal ride-height, wheels, brakes, window-tint etc and one intake mod (intercooler) as allowed under VIC law.
Upon completion passed VIC roadworthy inspection and VicRoads registration inspection (by VicRoads officer).
Currently registered but sold with no rego no plates as not having traffic fines in the mail due to someone driving around without transferring rego.
Clear history, never written-off, never stolen, not under finance, can verify at Government's website (
Comes with 2 genuine Ford keys and 2 remotes, books, most-if-not-all parts receipts, wheel locknut key, and SCT X4 flash tuner with custom tune loaded.
No tyre-kickers, no scammers, no dreamers.
Like pretty-much all private vehicle sales, sold on an as-is basis with no warranty no refund.
Everything listed in below specs is how the car was built, is on the car, and is how the car is sold, so no nasty surprises.
Pickup is at Wodonga VIC 3690, if interstate purchase you organise and pay for pickup transport, can help with loading if needed.
Accepted payment is bank deposit, car not released until cleared payment received.


Tune developed over a number of sessions (not one-day dyno), some points below.
25psi max boost, stable boost using Ford wastegate control solenoid.
450rwkw, tuned for 98 unleaded.
Mild-everyday tune, easy potential for more power if wanted (aggressive tune, E85 upgrade etc).
ZF tune includes raised non-shifting pressures and modified shift-points.
Custom torque-reduction during hi-load shifts to ease drivetrain strain.
In ZF auto-mode, will not hit the rev-limiter at full throttle, will gear-change just before.
Time spent on tune to make not only power but also for predictable behaviour, no surprises when driven at the limit.
SCT X4 flash tuner used to load tune.


Rust-free body stripped to bare shell.
Cleaned inside-out and underneath.
Panels, bumpers etc, re-aligned as needed.
Machine-rolled rear guards (smooth-even, no paint cracks).
Rust-proofed fish-oil in lower joints, lower doors, plenum etc.


Rebuilt Barra 4.0L 6cyl, virgin bores, balanced, custom-spec blueprinted.
Block cleaned, inspected, fully-prepped, painted hi-temp ceramic-content.
Crank cleaned, inspected, prepped.
New brass welch plugs.
New Mahle 2618 forged pistons, polished tops, Mahle pins and locks.
New Mahle moly piston rings (gapped 30+psi boost as per Mahle spec).
New SCAT 4340 H-Beam forged conrods.
New ARP 2000 12pt 3/8 conrod cap bolts.
New ACL Race Series main and conrod bearings.
New ARP 8740 12pt main stud kit.
New ARP 2000 12pt M12 head stud kit, 28mm hi-tensile washers (oversize for hi-boost).
Rebuilt Ford oil pump, modified bypass.
New Spool billet oil pump gears.
New Atomic heavy-duty (thicker) timing chain.
New Ford revised (thicker) timing chain guides.
Rebuilt Ford cylinder head and turbo valves, disassembled, de-carboned, cleaned, inspected, fully-prepped.
New MLS (Multi Layer Steel) head gasket.
New Ford valve stem seals.
New Crow Cams Race Series valve springs and retainers (installed pressure 105lb).
New Ford lifters.
Ford camshafts and rockers, cleaned, inspected, all good.
Rebuilt modified Ford VCT gears, hi-tensile locked custom cam timing.
New custom-cut Flexoid sump and timing cover gaskets (from factory no gaskets here, common leak points).
New CNC billet alloy engine mounts with rubber-damper (guaranteed unbreakable by manufacturer).
New Gates water pump.
New Dayco Powerbond Race harmonic balancer (race-body approved).
Rebuilt Ford power steering pump, new seals.
Rebuilt Ford air-con compressor, new seals.
New Bosch starter motor.
New Dayco drive belt.
New Dayco drive belt tensioner.
New Repco steel (replaces Ford plastic) idler pulley.
New Repco steel (replaces Ford plastic) drive-belt tensioner pulley.
New Ford alternator.
New Bosch 4-bar fuel pressure regulator, modified hi-flow outlet (to support hi-flow fuel pump).
New Siemens Deka 80lb injectors (approx 106lb at 4-bar).
New Ford revised (to not fail) ZF transmission oil-cooler.
Rebuilt Ford throttle body, re-packed, good brushes.
Cross-over pipe, paint-stripped, new mounts.
Bosch blow-off valve, cleaned, inspected, pressure-tested.
New Dayco thermostat.
New exhaust manifold 12pt hi-tensile stud kit.
New Ford ignition coils.
New NGK spark plugs (gapped 0.6mm).
New Ford narrow-band O2 sensor.
New Castrol oil 20W-50 (slightly thicker than Ford spec for protection).
New Penrite coolant as per Ford spec.
New Ryco oil filter.
New Ryco fuel filter.
New steel (replaces Ford plastic) heater t-piece pipe.
Delete Ford turbo-oil-feed filter (no turbo oil-starvation).
All sensors cleaned, inspected, bench-tested, replaced with Ford as needed.
All water pipes, oil lines, fuel lines, fuel rail, flushed, pressure-tested.
Exhaust manifold, dump pipe etc, painted hi-temp ceramic-content.
All new Ford or brand-name gaskets, seals, sealants, hoses etc, used throughout.


Rebuilt Garrett GT3582R dual ball bearing turbo, balanced.
CHRA internally de-carboned, cleaned, inspected.
New CNC billet alloy 11 blade hi-flow compressor wheel.
New Garrett dual ball bearing (yes genuine).
New CNC brass (replaces Garrett plastic) bearing cages.
New Garrett FG internal hi-flow oil feed restrictor.
New Garrett CHRA front plate and oil seal.
New Garrett piston-ring oil seals.
New Garrett compressor housing o-rings.
Modified ported hi-flow wastegate.
New copper washers for piping.
New Turbosmart wastegate actuator with 15psi spring installed.
CHRA, turbine housing, painted hi-temp ceramic-content.


Rebuilt ZF 6-speed auto.
ZF steel (no plastic) oil pan.
New Exedy USA Stage 2 1000+HP carbon-ceramic clutches and steels.
New CNC USA brass bushes.
New treated input shaft.
Rebuilt oil pump, disassembled, cleaned, inspected.
Rebuilt valve body, disassembled, cleaned, inspected, prepped.
New Sonnax USA valve body ZIP kit (seals oil pressures).
New ZF valve body separator plate.
New ZF bridge seal.
All solenoids cleaned, inspected, bench-tested, replaced with ZF as needed.
Bosch TCM circuit and connectors, cleaned, inspected.
New ZF oil filter.
New Fuchs Germany ZF oil as per Ford spec.
New ZF tailshaft coupler locknut.
New FPV heavy-duty crossmember rubber-mount.
All new ZF gaskets, seals, o-rings etc, used throughout.


New Toyo centre universal joint.
New Hardy Spicer centre bearing.
Rebuilt rear CV joint, re-packed.
New Ford front tailshaft coupler rubber-mount.
Painted automotive satin paint.


Rebuilt LSD.
Rebuilt axles, re-packed.
New custom-cut Flexoid housing cover gasket (from factory no gasket here, common leak point).
New Penrite friction-modified oil as per Ford spec.
Housing painted hi-temp ceramic-content.
All new Ford seals etc, used throughout.


New Ford complete power steering rack including tie-rods, tie-rod ends and boots.
New Superpro polyurethane mounting bush.
Intermediate shaft, cleaned, inspected.
New Mackay high-pressure hose.
New Gates 400psi-WP low-pressure hoses.
New front-mount alloy performance oil cooler.
New Mobilfluid 424 fluid (and bleed) as per Ford spec.


New all Superpro polyurethane bushes, rose-joints, bump-stops etc, front and rear.
New Monroe GT-Gas Reflex shock absorbers, front and rear.
New Pedders SportsRyder lower springs, front and rear (legal ride height).
New Ford front upper and lower ball joints.
New Ford front sway-bar links.
New Ford front wheel bearings.
New Superpro front strut-top caps.
New PSR adjustable-camber rear upper control arms.
Re-aligned rear cradle to chassis as per Ford spec.
Control arms, cradle etc, painted automotive satin paint.
4-wheel thrust alignment, front castor camber toe, rear camber toe.


Rebuilt BF FPV front 4-pot Brembo calipers and matching rear BF FPV PBR calipers.
Calipers disassembled, cleaned, inspected, prepped, painted hi-temp ceramic-content.
New seals and copper washers.
Machined discs 355mm front and 328mm rear (not under minimum thickness).
New ADR-approved braided stainless brake lines, front and rear.
New Bendix heavy-duty front pads.
New Bendix standard rear pads.
ABS service-bleed performed using Ford IDS VCMII as per Ford spec.
Flush all brake lines.
New Castrol Super Dot 4 fluid (and bleed) as per Ford spec.
Rebuilt handbrake, disassembled, cleaned, inspected, re-packed.


Ford triangle cat front section single-to-dual-pipe, modified TIG-welded AEM bung as per AEM spec (for wideband sensor).
Venom muffler-delete dual-pipe centre section.
FPV dual-pipe rear section, stainless muffler, modified TIG-welded Ford stainless dual tips.
All new Ford rubber hangers and gaskets.
Painted hi-temp ceramic-content.


Rebuilt all wiring-looms (6 main looms) plus all smaller looms (doors etc), including for durability.
All looms un-taped, cleaned, inspected, tested, connectors replaced with Ford as needed.
Added Ford 60amp wire integrated into loom from fuse box spare factory-location to fuel pump.
All looms re-taped from each connector back (so no tape-ends loosen over time).
All looms re-taped using Tesa Germany automotive tape 51036, abrasion-temp-rot-fuel-oil resistant, engine-bay recommended (used by Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc).


Rebuilt all electronics (except factory-sealed PCM), including for durability.
ICC, BCM, crash module, instrument cluster, steering-angle sensor, amplifier etc, disassembled down to circuit boards, cleaned, inspected.
All circuit boards dry or suspect solder joints re-soldered.
All circuit boards coated anti-corrode electronic spray.
Rebuilt all fuse boxes, switches etc, disassembled, cleaned, inspected, tested, replaced with Ford as needed.
Re-calibrated and tested all electronics where applicable using Ford IDS VCMII as per Ford spec.
All new fuses throughout.


Rebuilt all interior, all parts disassembled, cleaned, inspected, tested if applicable.
New ceramic window tint (darkest legal, by specialist).
New black automotive headlining, edges rolled over (so no edges peel over time).
Rebuilt all seats using good crack-free frames, good foams, frames painted (prevent corrosion).
Rebuilt all seat electronics, switches etc, tested, replaced with Ford as needed.
New front seats re-done in genuine Italian automotive real-and-thick leather in matching colour.
New Ford front seats outer-lower side-trims.
Carpet removed, pressure-cleaned, dried.
Rebuilt dash, frame re-painted (prevent corrosion).
New Ford XR leather steering wheel.
New Ford complete shifter assembly.
New Ford leather shift-knob, boot and quadrant surround.
Added Ford leather console lid.
Added Ford leather handbrake lever.
New Ford rear-view mirror.
New Ford both front seatbelts, rear seatbelts all good.
New Ford all 4 door handle silver-spear inserts.
Rebuilt HVAC assembly, good foams, air-con and heater cores pressure-tested.
New Ford revised (to not break) HVAC mixer shaft.
Rebuilt fan-motor, good brushes.
New Ford pollen filter.
Rebuilt steering column and combination switch, tested, re-packed.
Rebuilt pedal box, re-packed, adjusted kick-down.
Rebuilt all 4 door components, rubbers etc, replaced with Ford as needed.
Rebuilt all 4 Ford door window mechanisms and motors, re-packed, good brushes.
Rebuilt all 4 Ford door actuator-locks, re-packed, new cog-gears installed.
Rebuilt all switches, buttons etc, any with worn writing replaced with Ford.
New Ford revised (to not break) bonnet cable.
New Ford floor mats.


New Ford amplified aux input installed (plug-in phone, MP3 player etc).
New Fusion 2-way 5x7 coaxial speakers, front and rear (no cut speaker holes, 5x7 is original size).
Ford front tweeters, rear subwoofer, amplifier, etc in good working condition and retained.


New Simmons FR-C staggered wheels in Hyperdark colour, 20 x 8.5 inch front, 20 x 10 inch rear.
New tyres 225/35 front and 255/30 rear, all balanced.
New black wheelnuts.
New black SAAS locknuts with key.


New Walbro 400lph in-tank hi-flow fuel pump.
New FuelMiser fuel pump housing, modified hi-flow return (to support hi-flow fuel pump).
New bar-and-plate alloy intercooler, 500 x 400 x 90mm core, 3 inch inlet-outlet.
New intake cold-hot side alloy piping 2.5 inch, all ends bead-rolled (so no hose-slip).
New intake cold-hot side Aeroflow 5-ply black silicone hoses with new quality stainless clamps.
New FPV secondary air intake (under headlight).
New K&N performance air filter.
New Ford wastegate control solenoid.
New all-aluminium radiator (no plastic) hi-capacity 3-row 52mm core.
New air-con condensor, modified by Rapid Hydraulics including matching custom air-con pipe (to clear intercooler).
New Dayco coolant reservoir.
Rebuilt wiper motor and mechanism, good brushes.
New Ford both side skirt badges.
New SAAS 2-gauge pod mount (in matching interior colour).
New AEM X-Series Wideband AFR digital gauge with new Bosch 4.9LSU wideband sensor.
New AEM exhaust bung with new Innovate heatsink extender (protects wideband sensor).
New AEM X-Series Vacuum-Boost 35psi digital gauge.
Added AEM gauges datalog connector, supports SCT X4 flash tuner hookup.
Air-con vacuum-tested and re-gassed (by specialist).
Petrol tank cleaned, flushed, dried, inspected, pressure-tested.
Ford headlights, fog lights, rear lights, cleaned, flushed, dried, inspected.
New Spring Works bonnet and bootlid gas struts (custom-pressurised to suit weight).
All new Narva light-globes used throughout.
New Trico wiper blades.
New Century hi-performance battery.
New custom anti-theft system integrated into factory loom when wiring rebuilt, hidden and 100% reliable.

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