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1969 Dodge Charger

Price: US $65,759.00

1969 Dodge Charger
1969 Dodge Charger1969 Dodge Charger

Technical details

Number of Cylinders:10
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:RWD

Public info

Car location:Northbrook, Illinois, United States
Last update:12.02.2021

Additional Info

1969 Charger Restomod Project Car:  1500 HP Viper twin turbo race engine, Tremec 6-spd, Art Morrison Frame, IRS, Digital Dash, Wilwood brakes--too much to list. 
Do you see those insane resto-mod builds on social media, Insta, and your magazines? The no-expense-spared killer projects that flex some major building power and money? Enormous tires, 4-digit HP, wild turbo builds? Now you can get there with most all of the heavy lifting done. You hear the term “no expense spared” a lot, but just read on.
1969 Charger with ‘68 grille, BMW halo headlamps, ‘68 style LED side lamps, ’69 Digitails sequential LED tail lights, Nu-Relic power windows, flush mounted front glass, hood design for reverse tilt and to cover the cowl completely (or could go factory). Ring Bros hood hinges. Lokar electronic door handles. Resto-Mod air. Clear Illinois title. Body is in great shape. Looks like a 68 with 69 tail lights.
This is a high end but incomplete project. I will add a punch list below. 

Engine is a Gen III-IV-V Viper twin turbo custom built by Dan Lesser at Viper Specialty Performance. The block is an all aluminum, race prepped Gen III, heads are the free-flowing Gen IV, and intake Gen V. Everything is controlled by a Pectel ECU with base tune used in the Viper platform. Engine data is displayed on a Cosworth Omega ICD full-color digital dash. No other gauges or indicators needed at all. Control includes 7-position full traction and launch control. Full engine harness is epoxy resin coated and MIL-spec connected. The turbos are CompTurbo ceramic coated 66/67 units. These are oil-less and maintenance free, and they can therefore be mounted in any position. Tial WG and BOV’s. Huge C&R air to water intercoolers up front with heat exchangers in the trunk. Headers and hot and cold side all custom built, purge and tig welded stainless and aluminum. All ARP and Vibrant hardware. This setup delivers 1500 HP on race gas, 1100 on 93 octane, with low boost, no lag. Fully bullet proof and street or track capable. The engine and associated hardware, dash, and ECU were $100k alone. 
TR6060 6-speed with RPS triple carbon clutch, Quick Time bellhousing, and Strange driveshaft. Harmon fuel cell with in tank Walbro lift pump and low flow pump (base pump and WOT second pump).
Frame is a full, custom spec’d Art Morrison frame with all Corvette underpinnings. Strange engineering independent rear suspension and Dana 60 pumpkin with 3.54 gears. Upgraded half-shafts. Corvette C6 hubs, spindles, and control arms. Woodward power rack. Wilwood 14.25” brakes all around, 6-puck front, four pot rear, all spec-37 series. Currently on ZR-1 Cup rims and scrubs, but I have Mickey Thompsons S/R’s for all four corners. 30x12R18 in front and 31x18R20 for the rears. These tires are massive.
Full roll cage. Tilt wheel. Recaro seats. Tilton pedal set. DBW throttle pedal. Painless chassis harness with LED blinkers.
What you need:Most every expensive part is included, built, or installed. The car needs completion of fabrication work, mostly firewall and interior, and cosmetic.  Fabrication needed: hood needs a bulge and extractor for radiator heat. You can extend this to the window as we planned, or go back to factory with some modification of the factory cowl. I have the original cowl vent panel. The firewall needs some finish work. The trans tunnel needs to be finished. The roll cage needs the cross bar redone (one section behind the driver was removed to create a curved piece for more clearance). We later channeled the frame to drop the seat, however, so I would go back to a straight crossbar. Fuel cell needs to be installed (we have but were planning to modify). Hard fuel lines are mostly done, flex line needs finishing. Brake lines mostly done. Has master, pedals, DBW throttle pedal, etc. Turbo coolant lines needed. Plumbing to fan needed (runs off PS pump). Piping through rockers for heat exchangers needed. ECU install and connect to existing engine harness. All chassis wiring including wiring to wheel Hall effect sensors (installed) for traction control, lights, and general chassis needs finishing (I have a Painless kit). Needs coilovers. Body and paint. Finish installation of everything. Dyno tune. Win some track events or shows.This is a project car, sold as is. I am not completing it. I am the owner, not a business.  
What I need:$135k.  Work on this full time for 6 months and you can have a half million dollar, SEMA level car. You don’t want to know how much I have into this project and it doesn’t affect the sale price anyway, but it’s many times that. I would consider a trade but it would have to be something as special as this. No lowball offers. Let's not waste each others time. 
Bring on the questions and comments.
Rendering by Murray Pfaff.
More info on the engine:Viper V-10 Gen III block, Gen IV heads, Gen V intake up to 1500 HP (race gas) by Dan Lesser at Viper Specialty Performance. A proven package. [img]https://i.imgur.com/BAPaOSth.jpg[/img]-Blueprinted Engine w/ Oil System Modifications-Billet Main Caps & ARP Studding-Piston Cooling Oil Jets for Hot-Lapping-Custom Carrillo Billet Connecting Rods w/Multiphase Hardware-Custom CP Billet Pistons w/Coating Package-Heavy-Wall DLC Coated .990 Wrist Pins-Coated bearings-Keyed and Balanced Crankshaft-Gen-4 Race Oil Pan with swing-arm pickup-ATI Damper-Adjustable Timing Set & Custom Grind Camshaft-CNC machined Gen-4 Head Conversion Package w/dual Billet Throttle Bodies-Gen-4 Coil-Near-Plug Conversion, New Spark Plugs & Wires-RPS triple carbon clutch-Full Dual-Pumped Variable-Speed Weldon Based Fuel System-On-demand Secondary Fuel System Minimizes Hot Fuel Return, and is completely quiet during cruise-Polished and Anodized Billet Fuel Rails-Gen V intake-ID1000 Fuel Injectors-Pectel SQ6M12 Autosport Terminated Controller-Dual NTK Closed Loop Wideband Sensors-Dual EGT Monitoring-Dual Knock Detection-Cosworth Omega ICD Full Color Digital Dash-4-Calibration Selectable Tuning [91 Octane, 93 Octane, Pump/Race Mix and Race Fuel]-7-Position Selectable Traction/Launch Control-Internal System Logging-Full Engine System Warnings & Limp Modes-Expandable for Telemetry System Use-Full Powder-coating and Appearance Package-All ARP hardware
Race prepped block, ceramic coated pistons, oil sprayed, etc.

Custom built, epoxy resin coated harness.
Pectel ECU, mil-spec connectors, and Omega full color digital dash.

Near complete engine, turbos, and hardware.

All these pics are current.

Turbos, hot and cold:The headers are custom tig/purge welded SS units. Collector.
Taking a break.

The CompTurbo 66/67 units sit in the well behind the front wheel. These are oil-less, and can go in any orientation.

Cold air intake goes up and over the front wheels in the fenders. The ungainly boxes are for the filters, and would be completely hidden behind the bumper and valence.

Compressed air goes through two huge C&R air-water intercoolers rated for this HP, to the custom throttle bodies. Water design is to plumb through the rocker panels to the reservoir, Bosch pumps, and heat exchangers in trunk.
Huge C&R radiator. Fan is driven by original equipment Viper unit that is driven by the P/S pump and regulated by the ECU. This makes significantly more CFM than any electric pump can deliver.

Chassis:Full AME frame with Corvette C6 underpinnings. Woodward Rack. ZR1 hubs. Rear is a Dana 60 with 3.54 gears. The rear is a Strange engineering IRS designed off the modern Camaro. Wilwood brakes as described above.
Here’s the frame as delivered.
The IRS.

Wilwood brakes.
All fittings for suspension included. No coilovers.
Brakes and ZR1 cup wheels. The calipers are currently in storage. The wheels and scrubs are just for rolling, you will need custom wheels for the M/T’s. You could use Corvette tires, but you’d need a completely custom offset.
This is what the M/T’s would look like on mockup. Much better!
The chassis was attached to the body using a custom built box spacer. The spacer was welded the full length between body and frame.
Hard lines for fuel and return. This is as it is now.
The setup is designed for a belly pan. Only the exhaust will hang below. This is a picture as it sits today.
Roll cage:The roll cage is fully integrated with the frame front to rear. The rear cross brace was modified from it’s original configuration and I would re-do it back to the original design with straight bars. The tubing to the rear chassis needs to be redone as it was removed to fabricate the rear bulkhead.
Original design.

The floor mounts for the seats were channeled giving the needed headroom, so the curved horizontal bar can go back to straight.
The roll cage as it sits now.
Interior:This was designed as a race interior. There is no dash, no interior finish, it’s all raw steel. Steering column, Omega digital dash, Recaro Profi SPG seats are included. You’ll need side and rear glass, a dash built, and some switches for power windows and A/C installed. I have the Resto-Mod air switches. Will need two switches or dials for fuel selection and traction control settings. Tilton pedal set and Lokar DBW throttle (older pics). The Resto-Mod Air box is on the right in second pic. The blower was changed to right angle for more clearance.

Firewall and floor as it sits today. Needs minor finishing. Trans tunnel needs finishing.

"Mini" tubs, lol. This is a very old pic. 
Rear bulkhead. Fittings are for water to the intercoolers.
Water reservoir and pumps behind the bulkhead.
Heat exchangers in the trunk, one on each side. As it sits today.
The project includes a Harmon fuel cell. However, the redesign of the trunk will require some reworking. Harmon is aware and will redo the tank; all the internals and fittings can be reused (you could do this yourself if desired). The tank now will sit behind the rear bulkhead. The fuel cell has in-tank primary and secondary lift pumps. The low pressure pump runs all the time and the secondary triggers on demand. All controlled through the ECU.
New quarters, left door, good fenders.
The grill was beautifully restored in flat black with BMW halo LED lights after media blasting. You will need an electric door actuator.

The windshield was modified for flush mounting. The original frame edge was replaced with a custom made metal using a one off die. New front glass included.

All lights LED, including button-style side lamps in new housings and Digitails sequential tail lamps. Not sure any of these videos work, but they are gorgeous. Try cut and pasting? [img]https://i.imgur.com/SfI74Qk.mp4[/img][video]https://i.imgur.com/GO0dIHem.mp4[/video][VIDEO][Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/GO0dIHem.mp4)[/VIDEO][VIDEO][url=https://imgur.com/GO0dIHe][img]http://i.imgur.com/GO0dIHem.mp4[/img][/url][/VIDEO]
The hood has Ring Bros hinges. We partially modified the cowl vent panel and have been thinking of a reverse tilt hood. However, you could go either way. The original cowl panel could be used but would need to be modified. The current cowl panel is unfinished. The upper edge needs to be finished (glass would sit behind it as it is currently). The hood we had planned would sit on top of this panel.
This is the punch list provided directly from the previous builder. They are not able to complete the car due to losing their fabricator. I don't have the resources or know who could finish this car. But I do want to see this car go to the right home and get finished like it deserves. Punchlist with projected hours (~200). This does not include body, glass, paint:Mount power steering cooler 2 Power Steering Lines 4 Turbocharger cooling lines 3 Machine manifolds for rocker cooling lines 10 Weld rocker cooling tubes to manifolds 3 Install rocker cooling assemblies 4 Fabricate doors and latches for air filter boxes 3 Install probes in exhaust tubing from turbochargers 2 Build exhaust, fabricate hangers 32 Build sway bar mount and links, engineer arms 12 Fabricate inner fender / splash aprons (engine bay) TBD Intercooler lines from rocker to intercoolers 4 Fabricate oil cooler oil lines 1.5 Fabricate oil cooler coolant lines 1.5 Finish fuel lines engine to rear of car 5 Design dash TBD Fabricate dash, TBD Design and fabricate firewall TBD Fabricate valance panel per rendering TBD Fabricate fresh air duct/scoops from valance to air box 6Fabricate Transmission Tunnel TBD Finish weld all interior panels and metal finish welds 16Design and fabricate trunk floor TBD Fuel cell mount 6-8 Install fuel filler port in transition panel 4 Fabricate tail panel per rendering 14 Bumper modifications TBD Chassis wiring 56 Computer wiring T&M Final assembly for chassis 12 Final assembly for power train 12 Bleed brakes 2 Evacuate and fill intercooler system 2 Evacuate and fill coolant system 2 Misc 30
Let me hear your questions. I encourage anyone interested to come by and see it at the shop. We are in the Chicago suburbs. You have to see this to believe it.  

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